Green Rooms: Forget about allergies!

We don't want allergies to spoil your holidays! We know how difficult it can be to organise a trip taking this problem into account, and that's why at the Río Bidasoa Hotel we have done something about it! In fact we are one of the few hotels equipped for people with allergies.

This time, your allergy will stay in the suitcase, at home – wherever you want except here! How? Thanks to our exclusive Green Rooms. Relax, unwind and enjoy yourself in a comfortable room that has been specially adapted following a scrupulous maintenance and cleaning protocol patented at European level. In this way we are able to free the room of the main allergens so that your experience is truly exceptional and enjoyable.

We are committed to taking great care of you and to ensuring that not a single mite or pollen grain can interrupt your well-deserved break with us. You are our only priority.

What does the system involve?

  • Any room can be adapted to prevent allergens.
  • Regular removal of dead skin cells, mites, fungal spores, animal epithelia and other allergens.
  • Control of temperature, relative humidity and other environmental conditions.
  • Reduction in the number of surfaces and objects that can trap dust.
  • Vacuuming of surfaces/objects with vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters.
  • Sheets, covers and quilts with suitable pore size and material to avoid allergens.
  • Guide to good hygienic practices for the control of allergens in the cleaning of the room and bedding.
  • Ventilation of the rooms.
  • Control of the presence of animals and the entry of pollen.

* This is an extremely scrupulous method, and we are the only European hotel that implements it. It means that the room must remain shut for 24 hours before the check-in of the guests. For this reason, in the high season, the service may be subject to an extra cost.

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La Pecera

Celebrate with us important meetings or family dinners, up to 80 people and if you wish you can use the wonderful adjoining garden.

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